A Few Residential Lenders Strive to Raise the Bar for Customer Service

Customer service has been a focus in many industries for decades, but others are only now catching up. Quite a few kinds of financial services, for example, have not historically put much emphasis on providing the type of attention that keeps customers satisfied and loyal.

That is starting to change. As a look at Dustin Dimisa’s profile on Twitter shows, some lenders and financial professionals are starting to realize the value of exceptional customer service and looking for ways to deliver it in their own businesses.

Years Spent Listening to Borrowers and Analyzing Their Feedback

As a co-founder of a direct residential lending bank based in New York, Dimisa is in a position to do something about this issue. In fact, when he opened InterContinental Capital Group with a partner, it was largely with the goal of delivering a higher level of service.

Over the course of the ten years it has been in business, InterContinental has grown to become a leading lender. It has done so, in part, by ensuring that the service it offers faithfully reflects and accurately accommodates the real needs of its clients.

Of course, even recognizing what those needs might be can take some effort and investigation. Because of this, Dimisa has made sure that InterContinental is equipped with plenty of processes that are designed to elicit feedback from customers and allow the analysis of everything that is learned.

Exceptional Customer Service Stems from Understanding What Clients Need

Dimisa has recently gone even further by actively seeking opinions and experiences from his company’s past clients. By personally placing calls to customers who have agreed to field them, he has been asking questions that go beyond what the usual processes get at.

With the takeaway from quite a few calls now chronicled on his Twitter feed, Dimisa is clearly making even more progress. While relatively few lenders today go to this length to make sure they understand what customers want and need, that kind of withholding might not be viable for much longer. As more lenders like InterContinental continue pushing forward with their own initiatives, providing truly exceptional customer service could become a basic requirement of remaining in the business.